Argos USA Rolls Out Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Vehicles

CNG-powered mixers are among the heaviest of the heavy.

The city of Tacoma, Wash., is in the early stages of shifting some of its municipal fleet to run on natural gas, and a [Read More]

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has acknowledged a safety recall notice from General Motors that affects more than 3,000 GMC Savana and Chevy Express vans with compressed natural [Read More]

In mid July, the Arkansas Energy Office (AEO) announced an initial funding round totaling $150,000 to support the deployment of natural gas vehicles and propane autogas vehicles in the state. [Read More]

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Clean Energy Fuels Corp. and Mansfield Energy Corp. have formed a joint venture firm, Mansfield Clean Energy Partners, that will focus on providing natural gas fueling options to U.S.-based bulk-fuel [Read More]

IGS CNG Services and Englefield Oil Co. will be building compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling capacity at an existing BP fueling station/Duchess convenience store at 3909 Alum Creek Dr. in [Read More]

VNG.CO unveiled public-access compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling capacity at a BP convenience store in Philadelphia this week, drawing dignitaries such as Gov. Tom Corbett to cut the ribbon. The [Read More]

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